Posted by: Jennifer | April 5, 2006


As of this morning, it was official: Katie Couric is leaving the Today show on NBC for an anchor position on CBS. This follows months and months of intense speculation by hard-core journalists and entertainment news mags alike.

Can we please move on now?

Okay, perhaps that sounded a bit harsh. It’s just that my problem is this: I don’t think that Katie Couric is all that great. She is certainly a talented newsperson and definitely knows what she is doing. But she is hardly the second coming of Walter Cronkite. Of course, not too many people are.

I think that it will be interesting to see if she is able to swim in her new waters. I think that one of things that made people want to watch her on the Today show is the perkiness and sense of fun that she brought to the show, even while she was discussing serious topics. That kind of attitude really isn’t seen on the evening news, which is more formal and stiff than its morning counterpart. I think that she will do an okay job, but she certainly won’t have the ratings that she enjoyed before.

Okay, I’ve got this out of my system. I feel better now.



  1. Katie Couric always got on my nerves. I had the show on one day and she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to announce that it was her birthday every five minutes.

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