Posted by: Jennifer | April 3, 2006

nothing a little duct tape wouldn’t fix

I hate it when celebrities give political speeches at non-politcal events. Like, for example, last night’s Juno awards, where Pamela Anderson made sure that everyone knows exactly what she thinks about the annual seal hunt.

I think that celebrities should use their voice to protest things that they feel are wrong. As people who are in the public eye, they are in an excellent position to bring awareness to problems in the world that might otherwise be ignored. But there is a time and place for all protests, and last night did not fit that bill.

The people who forked out money for tickets to last night’s show didn’t do it because they wanted to listen to Pamela Anderson’s views on animal cruelty. They did it because they love music and they wanted to celebrate that. And judging from the overwhelming amount of booing that occured every time that Pammy brought the subject up, I would say that they didn’t appreciate having the attention focused on something else. Maybe Pamela should keep that in mind the next time she’s asked to host something. If that ever happens again, that is.


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