Posted by: Jennifer | March 9, 2006

a life lesson learned: always roll your rim up yourself

How pathetic is this?

Two Montreal-area schoolgirls discovered a Tim Hortons coffee cup yesterday that awarded its holder a sport-utility vehicle, but now their families are fighting over who gets the prize.

The dispute began after a 10-year-old girl named Marilou found the cup in the garbage bin of her St. Jerome primary school. Remembering the doughnut chain’s popular contest, she tried to roll up the rim. Her small fingers were unable to loosen the tough cardboard, so she enlisted the help of a 12-year-old schoolmate.

The other girl rolled up the rim — and won a Toyota RAV4, one of 30 automobiles being given away as prizes.

Now the parents of the girls are fighting over who gets to keep the $25,000 payoff for the car. The first girl’s parents offered to give $5,000 to the parents of the girl who helped, but they apparently feel that is not generous enough. They want either half of the money or all of it and are prepared to take the first set of parents to court for the funds.

The cup belonged to the first kid. It is hers, and the prize should belong to her (or her parents, in this case) to do with as she chooses. I think that these other people should suck it up and get over it, because $5,000 is better than nothing and it is quite a bit of money to get just for helping someone tear open a piece of paper.

Look at it this way: if I have a pen and I can’t get the cap off, I may ask someone for help. If they are able to successfully remove the cap from the pen, does the ownership of said pen now transfer to that person? Are they now entitled to partial ownership of the writing utensil? No, it’s still my pen. And that is exactly how this situation should work out, as well.



  1. I agree with you these parents of the 12 year old need to get a grip and a life….but as i heard on the radio this morning NOW the teacher of the school is saying that was her coffee cup and wants it back…finders keepers losers weepers..
    or in this case human decency like i cant bleieve people are arguing over a vehicle …or the money i guess..but stil.
    Like my girlfriend said what are they going to do next check the DNA on the cup to see if it matches the teachers…

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