Posted by: Jennifer | March 8, 2006

two steps forward, three steps back

As the world marks International Women’s Day (hug your wives/mothers/sisters/daughters/etc. today!), StatsCan has released a new report on the status of women in Canada.

According to the report, women are living longer than their male counterparts, and over 14% of Canadian women live alone, which is more than double from the previous survey.

The report also says that average earnings of women is still less than that of men, that women make up the majority of the population of low-income earners, and that more women hold part-time employment than men do.

It still kind of sucks to be a woman in a man’s world.

One fact that was mentioned that I thought was important, though, is that the reason for a lot of the negative findings for women is the fact that women are still taking time off to have kids and families. So while the majority of women are still making less than their husbands, in the majority of cases this is also by choice.

Will the world ever know total equality for both men and women in the workplace? Probably not. But I think that as long as we are all making the effort, then we are still winning the battle.


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