Posted by: Jennifer | February 20, 2006

witnessing an implosion

Dear Men of the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team,

I just love you guys. Seriously, I have watched all of you give 100% in every game you have ever played in, from Junior Worlds to Worlds to the NHL to all the Olympic games that you played in 1998 and 2002. Some of the best hockey players in the world are from Canada, and you guys have proved that time and again.

Until now.

Did I miss a memo?

The loss on Saturday to Switzerland was definitely a disappointment. I can’t deny that I sat on the edge of my seat for the entire game and then spent five minutes after the game just sitting and staring at the screen, trying to figure out what happened. But we all shook it off. Everyone is allowed to have a bad game now and then and you guys are no exception. No one really expected the Swiss to come up with as excellent a team as they have, so you were just slightly surprised. Hey, it wasn’t the first time in these Games that someone came from behind and shocked us all. It seems to be the theme.

And then Sunday’s game against Finland came around. And was played. And was lost.

None of you seem to be playing out there. I mean, you have your skates on and you’re going around the ice and every now and then someone shoots the puck. But it seems more like everyone is going through the motions more than anything else. It’s like there is no real desire to be there, and I know that can’t possibly be true.

Now, because of a stroke of luck, you will all get to go to the next round. I’m not sure how, but you will. This will be your wake-up call. You guys need to pull it together and get out there and play to win. You have an entire country tuned in to CBC, desperately waiting for you to show the world just how great we are. Please don’t let us down.

Not that we want to add any extra pressure on you or anything.

Here’s an idea: forget about the Olympics, forget about gold medals, and forget about the spectators. Play hockey like you enjoy the game. When in doubt, that strategy usually brings the best results.

I have my fingers and toes crossed for all of you.


A Flabbergasted But Still Devoted Olympic Junkie


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