Posted by: Jennifer | February 19, 2006

did you want me to hate you, cuz I can do that…

I get that telemarketers are people to. I get that they are simply trying to eke out a living, provide for their families, and that sometimes they are simply people without the skills required to do something else.

I get that charities only survive because of the donations of the common folk (aka, moi). I get that people are reluctant to give money because they want to hang on to it for themselves, and I get that there are people in the world who need the money more.

I get that charities need to hire telemarketers to call people in an effort to raise that money.

What I do not get is why these phone calls have to be made at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning. Three phone calls before 8am and all of them were telemarketers who couldn’t even be bothered to get my name right (if anyone is keeping track, my name is not Jane Kirby). That is not the way to make me sympathetic to your cause, and it sure as hell is not the way to get me to give you money. I did, however, hang up.


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