Posted by: Jennifer | February 8, 2006

scanning the day’s tidbits

Seriously, how would any of us know what is going on in the world if it weren’t for Fark? Here’s some of today’s headlines:

A fifteen-year-old girl in Scotland is waiting to find out what is going to happen to her after it was discovered that she had OD’ed on the radiation therapy that she was being given to treat a brain tumour. The doctors gave her too much, and now she could be facing a life of paralysis, or no life at all. I’ve heard of killing people with kindness, but this is ridiculous — shouldn’t something like this be just a little harder to screw up?

Shame on you, Rick Tocchet! It’s not bad enough that you have to screw up your own life, but you’re going to bring the Great One down with you. Shame!

Mick Jagger is not pleased about being cut off by the morality police during Sunday’s Super Bowl performance. Seriously — these are forty year old songs! In forty years of being played over and over, no one has ever been forced to censor the lyrics to make them safe for radio. Why do we have to start now? Just out of curiousity, what’s next?

The entrepreneur of the year award will probably be awarded to Ahmed Abu Dayya this year. He is a shopkeeper in Gaza who had the foresight to stock up on Norweigian and Danish flags as soon as he heard about that bloody cartoon being published. The man is raking in the dough hand over fist now, but he is also urging his fellow citizens not to punish every citizen of Denmark, since they have also been pretty nice to the Arab community in the past. And by nice I mean they funnel money down there on a regular basis.

Britney Spears is an idiot. And a bad mother. ‘Nuff said.

And finally, the IRS is offering their yearly report on things to do if you enjoy the thought of being audited for the rest of your natural life. Take notes, people — tax time is coming up fast!


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