Posted by: Jennifer | February 7, 2006

needing to be taken seriously

I think that I have solved the riddle as to why the Islamic/Muslim community tends to get villanized so much. And the answer is all wrapped up in the cartoon riots.

I have seen political cartoons published that mock the Pope, presidents, prime ministers, celebrities — no one is safe from the pen of the political cartoonist. But, to my recollection, this is the first time that rioting and deaths have resulted from the publication of a cartoon. When anyone else finds themselves on that editorial page, there is sometimes outrage and disgust. People will protest and write strongly worded letters to the editor. But I have never seen anyone riot over the cartoons. I have never heard of anyone being killed because of the fallout of a cartoon about Catholic priests abusing young boys.

If the Islamic community wants to be seen as the same as everyone else, then they have to start acting that way. Acting like frustrated and spoiled children is not a way to get people to take you seriously. It’s going to get you kept at the kiddie table a little longer.


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