Posted by: Jennifer | November 30, 2005

ordinary heros, deel vijf

This week’s hero is an example of how even the smallest of us can make a difference:

A family in Ely, Nev., is having an extra special Thanksgiving weekend.

After Matt Jacoby got pinned under his car, his 7-year-old daughter sat on a jack and pumped it until her dad could get free.

Jacoby was installing a transmission in his car when the accident happened.

He said the front wheels were on ramps and railroad ties when the car accidentally moved and the emergency brake released. The car rolled down the ramp and Jacoby was pinned beneath it.

Although he was having trouble breathing, Jacoby called to Shelby and told her to bring the jack.

“It’s amazing she was able to save my life,” he said.

Jacoby was treated at a local hospital and released.

This 7-year-old girl kept her cool and did something that a lot of adults would not have been able to do — she saved her dad. If that is not heroism, then I do not know what is.


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