Posted by: Jennifer | November 17, 2005

I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night

Me: I’m calling to speak with you about Invoice #000001…
Ditzy and Destitute: Oh, yes
Me: ….I spoke with you about it last week and you had said that you would be sending a cheque?
D&D: Yes, well, here’s the thing: we sent the cheque to you, for the full amount, but it was returned to us.
Me: What do you mean, returned to you?
D&D: Well, the post office sent it back to us.
Me: They couldn’t deliver it?
D&D: Well, you see, we didn’t put the proper postage on the envelope
Me: Okay…just out of curiousity, how short were you?
D&D: Well, we actually forgot to put a stamp on it at all.
Me: No stamp at all?
D&D: No, and, you see, the problem is that my boss is away for the next couple of days and we are out of stamps and so I can’t actually put one on it now so it will be next week before we can mail the cheque to you.
Me: Okay…you do realize that you have an order pending?
D&D: Yes
Me: And that I can’t release the order for shipping until I get your cheque, because your account is quite overdue.
D&D: Well, can’t you just release it just this once? You’ll get the cheque next week!
Me: You are 90 days overdue so no, I can’t just release it.
D&D: But you’ll have the cheque next week!
Me: You told me that last week.
D&D: Well, if you’re going to be like this, maybe we should take our business elsewhere.
Me: Feel free, but you’re still going to have to send me that cheque, or else you will be going to collections.
D&D: You’re being unreasonable.
Me: Yes, I know.

I hate when people try to treat me like I’m stupid. Or like they are the first person to come up with such a creative excuse.



  1. I would of said: “Take your business elsewhere, I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would be quite eager to recieve no form of payment at all. Broke dick!”

    Nothing like working in customer service, just remembering those good old days makes me want to slice my wrists with a rusty razur.

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