Posted by: Jennifer | November 9, 2005

ordinary heros, part deux

Proving that religious and political differences can be set aside for the good of everyone, a Palestinian family has made one of the most important sacrifices that a family can make.

Their twelve-year-old son was killed by Israeli soldiers who thought that he was shooting at them (it turned out to be a toy gun). Instead of getting angry and vengeful and damning all of Israel to hell, the family has donated the boy’s internal organs — to Israeli children. Six people, including a young girl, will live because these people knew that to continue the cycle of violence and death would solve nothing, and that the only way to find peace is to stop fighting.

I swear I teared up just a little as I was reading this story. Probably just something in my eye. At any rate, the Khatib family in Jenin are my heros of the week.


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