Posted by: Jennifer | October 19, 2005

milking it for eternity

I think that Jennifer Aniston has pretty much used up her fifteen minutes of fame. Now she’s bitchy because Brad’s family likes Angelina Jolie. How can they like The Other Woman when they’re supposed to like her? The bastards!

Oh wait, that’s right — she’s divorced from her husband and she has a new boyfriend now. That means that she’s supposed to get over herself and move on with her life and quit bitching about who her former in-laws can be friends with.



  1. I must be one of the few that thinks she got the raw end of the deal in this whole situation. I know that if I had just divorced from my husband and his family was going on and on in public about how much they love his new girlfriend, I might be a little hurt and upset too. I think everyone just needs to let the two of them get on with their lives and live in peace.

    Brad Pitt is douchebag! 😉

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