Posted by: Jennifer | October 19, 2005

looking for something to fight about

Now that all racial fights in the United States have been fought and won, NBA Players have turned their attention to a new and more important battle: whether or not they should be able to wear jewellery with their business suits.

I swear to the Goddess, that is the complaint. The NBA is instituting a new dress code for players and team members when they are on league business — business casual or suits and ties, depending on the occasion. There is also a section that prohibits “chains, pendants or medallions worn over the player’s clothing”. And apparently, since the majority of the people who wear jewellery like this are black, that is being taken as a racial afront.

Could it not be that this just looks tacky? Because it does. I’ve never understood the appeal of wearing a necklace with a huge cross or initial or dollar sign on it. And to partner that with a business suit? Tacky to the extreme. If it’s a religious pendent (i.e. the cross, the Star of David, etc.) you can still wear them, just underneath your shirt. Like most people do. I think that this policy has less to do with the race of the people who wear them, and more to do with the reason why you’re wearing the suit in the first place. You’re trying to look adult and respectable, remember? I doubt you would see many people in Fortune 500 companies — regardless of their race — wearing a massive diamond-encrusted dollar sign pendant around their necks.

I’d also like to add that for these players to cry racism over their necklaces, when there are people in the United States and Canada who are suffering real racial injustices like being denied jobs or opportunities or hurricane assistance, is irresponsible and disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves.


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