Posted by: Jennifer | October 19, 2005

how come this never happens when I go through the drive-thru?

Sometimes, the news has to speak for itself:

Dunkin’ Donuts employees were thanking their good luck Tuesday after a woman who was accidentally given a bag with $771 in cash instead of the bagel with cream cheese she had ordered turned in the money.

Pati Fine of Readfield picked up her order at the drive-through window around 10 a.m. at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Broadway.

She then drove to a spot on the waterfront to eat her snack, but when she opened the bag she found a bunch of bills instead of a bagel, police said.

Fine took the money to the police department, where officers counted out the cash. Officers then brought the money to the doughnut shop, where they found frantic employees who thought they might lose their jobs over the lost cash.

Doughnut shop employee Marion Silvestre said a worker had placed the money in a bag, but had accidentally left it on the counter instead of locking it away for safekeeping.

Another employee then passed the bag to Fine, thinking it was her order.

I’ve gotten someone else’s order when I’ve gone through the drive-thur, or I’ve gotten attitude from the person at the counter. I’ve never gotten cash, though. There are worse things to get with your bagel, I suppose.

On a side note, if I were the manager of the store, the employee who left a paper bag full of cash on the counter would be out the door so fast, his/her head would spin.


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