Posted by: Jennifer | October 18, 2005

slapping genourosity in the face

Read and see if this makes sense to you:

The United States on Friday offered needy countries more than 330,000 packaged meals donated by Britain to feed Hurricane Katrina victims but rejected due to a U.S. ban on British beef.

State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said the “Meals Ready to Eat,” or MREs, had been held in a warehouse in Little Rock, Arkansas, for more than a month after U.S. Agriculture Department officials said they could not be distributed in the United States because they contained British beef products.

[…]An additional 33,000 MREs from Germany, Russia, Spain and France had also not been distributed to hurricane victims because of U.S. legal restrictions, Ereli said without elaborating.

[…]The State Department said it did not want to appear ungrateful for the British donation and that it was working hard to pass on the meals to another country in need.

So, the U.S. State Department really doesn’t care if starving people in Ethiopia get mad cow. That’s not their problem. And it’s not like they’re desperate for food to feed the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. They’ll be fine without the help.

I should clarify here: I’m not saying that the eating the food is going to give anyone mad cow disease. In fact, it’s probably perfectly fine. But that’s why they won’t distribute the food — because there is a .00001% chance that it does contain the disease. They are struggling to feed refugees of the hurricanes. But they won’t hand out the food that these countries gave them. Instead, they’ll give it to needy people in other countries.

If I were one of the needy people in New Orleans, I’d be having a shit-fit right about now.


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