Posted by: Jennifer | October 13, 2005

pass the birth control

Proof positive that the uber-religious of the world are also uber-crazy:

Michelle Duggar just delivered her 16th child, and she’s already thinking about doing it again.

[…]”We both just love children and we consider each a blessing from the Lord. I have asked Michelle if she wants more and she said yes, if the Lord wants to give us some she will accept them,” he said in a telephone interview.

[…]Their children include two sets of twins, and each child has a name beginning with the letter “J”: Joshua, 17; John David, 15; Janna, 15; Jill, 14; Jessa, 12; Jinger, 11; Joseph, 10; Josiah, 9; Joy-Anna, 8; Jeremiah, 6; Jedidiah, 6; Jason, 5; James, 4; Justin, 2; Jackson Levi, 1; and now Johannah.

First of all, you cannot tell me that treating your body this way will not cause some sort of damage in the end. Your reproductive system can only take so much abuse, and that is what this is.

Secondly, you cannot tell me that each of these kids is getting the attention and love that they need and deserve. These people may love children, but it is their children that are suffering. They may have food and shelter, but I can tell you right now that they are starving for attention. And they will eventually do whatever they can to get that attention.

And C, considering they are an uber-Christian couple with an extremely love of children, I find it disappointing that not one of these children is adopted. There are so many awesome kids out there that need homes, and these people are just bringing more into the world simply for the sake of having kids. That’s just wrong.


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