Posted by: Jennifer | October 13, 2005

dissecting the new breed of man

Move aside, metrosexuals. According to ad executive Marian Salzman, there is a new man on the block: the ubersexual.

This new species has similiar traits to the metro, in that they are sensitive to the needs of their female counterparts. Unlike the metro, though, the uber is able to keep a toehold on their masculinity at the same time. Famous ubersexuals include Jon Stewart, George Clooney, and Bono.

I never really found myself attracted to the metrosexual concept, because there was just something about being with a man who knows as much about clothes and girl stuff as I do. I think that there are certain parts of being a female that should be denied to men. I can seriously see myself jumping on the ubersexual bandwagon, though. Strong, passionate, sensitive, but still all male. Definitely my cup of tea.


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