Posted by: Jennifer | September 30, 2005

sex in the mainstream

Take a look at this picture and tell me what stands out:

I’ll give you a hint — I put a little red dot next to what you’re looking for.

That’s right — if you go to, you can find an article on how to give great head.

For those of you unfamiliar with this site, it usually gives news and human interest stories from across the country. They’ve recently started to branch out a little more, adding games and the new lifestyle section in an effort to attract the attention of people who are looking for more than just news out of their web sites.

They definitely got my attention.

I have absolutely no problem with this. Sex is part of life and it’s a part of life that people are always afraid to talk about. I know that there are women out there who have never given a blowjob in their lives and probably wouldn’t know where to begin, but are scared to ask because they don’t want to seem inexperienced or stupid. Where else are they going to learn? I also know that people will probably comment on the inappropriateness of having an article like this next to the recipes and fashion articles, and on a site that is accessible to teenagers. Hopefully, the cries of those people will remain in the minority.

For the record, it’s actually a really good article and I think that everyone should read it. I put emphasis on everyone because in addition to giving directions on how to…please your man, it also gives pretty good instructions on returning the favour.


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