Posted by: Jennifer | September 20, 2005

i’m not dyslexic, i’m just backwards

Dyslexic in NS: Yes, I’m returning a message that you left for me regarding Invoice #010202.
Me: Yes, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. This invoice is quite outstanding in our system so, as you can imagine, we would like to get it cleared off ASAP.
DNS: What do you mean, outstanding?
Me: I mean…overdue?
DNS: I have to admit, I’m a little surprised to hear from you about this invoice.
Me: Why is that?
DNS: Well, it just seems a little pushy of you people to be calling me about it already. I mean, you give us terms of Net 30 days and you’re calling me already?
Me: I’m sorry, but are we talking about the same invoice? Invoice #010202?
DNS: Yes.
Me: For $500?
DNS: Yes!
Me: Dated June 9th?
DNS: June 9th?
Me: Yes, June 9th.
DNS: Not September 6th?
Me: Um, no. June 9th.
DNS: If you could give me a couple of days, I could have something out to you by the end of the week.
Me: I would appreciate that.
DNS: And if you could not hold our account up in the meantime —
Me: I think that, under the circumstances, I could arrange for it to remain available to you.
DNS: Thanks. Sorry.


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