Posted by: Jennifer | September 9, 2005

dumb ass

What would you do if you were accused of tax evasion? Richard Hatch has apparently chosen to use the “wasn’t me” defence.

Richard Hatch, who won $1 million on the first season of the reality show “Survivor,” was indicted Thursday for failing to pay taxes on his winnings.

Prosecutors had charged Hatch with two counts of tax evasion in January, and he agreed to plead guilty. But he backed out of the deal in March, saying he thought CBS was responsible for paying the taxes on his prize.

You would think that when he received $1 million, instead of $1 million minus taxes, that he would have clued in. Then you have the other income that he’s accused of “forgetting” to pay his taxes on. Like income from his personal appearances…and the income from rent on a building he owns…and don’t forget the charges of misusing funds. When If he is found guilty, he’ll be going to jail for a while. And he’ll have to pay back a few million in IRS fines. So really where did all of this get him?

What I want to know is, did he really think that no one would notice this? I mean, he made such an effort to keep himself in the public eye. Well, the IRS watches TV, too. They knew that the money should be on the way. And he’s had plenty of time to get it there.

Apparently he’s got at strategy, but not so smart at the everyday stuff. Like remembering to pay his taxes.


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