Posted by: Jennifer | September 5, 2005

the ultimate promotion

John Roberts just got a promotion before he even got a job.

While I’m sure that President Bush has lots of things on his mind (I hear he finally made his way down to the Gulf Coast — took long enough!), I would have thought that he would put more effort into finding a new Supreme Court Justice. You know, instead of picking the guy that had already been picked. I’m sure that this was an easy choice for him, but I would like to believe that more thought would be put into choosing someone for this particular position. Is John Roberts truly qualified for the job of leading the Court, or did Bush just want to get this done and over with so he can go back to his “tour” of Louisiana and Mississippi?

Oh, and not to bear the bearer of bad news, but he really didn’t save himself any time. I mean, does he not have to find someone to replace Sandra Day O’Connor now?


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