Posted by: Jennifer | September 2, 2005

helping each other

The list of countries that have offered to aid the United States in the rescue/recovery of New Orleans is staggering. From the creme de la creme of nations, like the United Kingdom, France and Germany, to the smallest and poorest of countries, like Jamaica and Sri Lanka, the latter still cleaning up from their own tragedy in December. Even “sworn enemies” of the U.S. like Cuba and Venezuela are stepping up to the plate. But it’s sad to see so many offers — including the ones made by my own country — rejected. There has got to be a reason for this, but damned if I know what it is. This is not a time for pride to get in the way. These people need help. Period. Take the assistance, thank us for it later, and we’ll all move it. It’s what neighbours do.

Edited seconds later to add: I just read that Canada is on its way to New Orleans. Three warships and a coast guard ship packed with supplies have left for the Big Easy and should arrive within a week. We’re also sending a couple of Sea Kings to aid in the transportation of refugees. A small warning: make sure to watch for falling parts.


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