Posted by: Jennifer | August 31, 2005

can’t change the channel

The more I watch the wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, the more horrified I feel. The scenes of massive flooding and people fleeing for their lives are just too much. But yet I can’t change the channel. I have to know what is going on. It’s like my way of staying in contact with these people. It’s a little sick, but I can’t turn away. And I keep crying.

To the people in New Orleans who are using this as an opportunity to steal that DVD player that you had your eye on — shame on you! Your family and friends and neighbours are dying and you’re looting? I hope that when this mess finally gets sorted out the police identify you all from your stints on CNN and you all get arrested and thrown in jail like you deserve.

If you’re more interesting in showing support of the monetary sort, the Red Cross is accepting donations. Give as much as you can afford.


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