Posted by: Jennifer | August 18, 2005

guiding you through the process

Overheard on my phone today:

Gov’t chick: Yes, I’m calling because I spoke with someone there last week about something and I don’t think she knew what she was talking about. She seemed a little slow.
Me: O…kay. What was it that you were talking to her about?
GC: It’s about a credit that we apparently have on our account.
Me: Yes, for $3000
GC: How did you know that?!
Me: Because I was the person you were speaking with.
GC: Well, you have it all wrong. You do not owe us this money.
Me: Why would you say that?
GC: Because this is what happened — you charged us the wrong price for those boxes. It was like fifty cents more per box! And then we got you to fix the price to what you people were supposed to charge in the first place. But by then we had already paid for the first invoice. But that doesn’t matter because we should still only have a credit for $1070. You got it wrong and I just don’t want you people coming back and saying that we ripped you off when I’m trying to give you this money back and you just won’t take it. Why won’t you take it?!
Me: You paid for the boxes and then we got rid of that invoice and created a new one?
GC: Yes, that’s what I’m saying!
Me: We issued you a new invoice for the correction?
GC: Yes, for two-thousand dollars and change.
Me: Did you pay for that invoice?
GC: What?
Me: The correction. The one for two-thousand dollars and change. Did you pay for it?
GC: No, not yet.
Me: So it’s still on your account…
GC: Yes
Me: …along with the credit for $3000?
GC: Yes
Me: So if I take the credit and subtract the total amount owing on the new invoice, does that leave you with a credit of $1070 on your account?
GC: I don’t understand
Imagine me banging my head against the desk
Me: We owe you two dollars, then you owe us 1 dollar, so really we only owe you one dollar now. Do you understand that?
GC: Yes…
Me: Okay, now apply that to what I just said about the credit and the invoice.
GC: Thank you for your time
Me: My pleasure.


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