Posted by: Jennifer | August 12, 2005

wrapping up the day

Some memorable and notable stories from Fark, just in case you didn’t watch the news today:

A 43-year-old Florida man has been fined for spraypainting “Die you miserable bitch” on the side of his house. Apparently, he’s not a fan of his neighbour, who is dying of cancer. The irony of the story: he wasn’t fined for what the sign says. He was cited for an illegal sign because the wording exceeded the permitted size for a sign in a residential area. So if he had the same sentiment using less words…

Proving that some kisses can last a lifetime, a statue has been erected to commemorate an iconic photograph of an American sailor rapturously kissing a nurse during a V-J Day parade in 1945. To this day, the woman in the picture still doesn’t know who kissed her. The hussy.

In today’s “wedded bliss” file, a wedding brochure published by a county in Scotland has stopped handing out their literature. Because they discovered that the picture of a happy newlywed couple on the front page featured a man who was jailed for beating his bride months after their big day. So much for happily ever after.

There’s a meteor shower tonight, if any of you are having trouble sleeping in this heat. Take advantage of clear skies and take a peek. Or glare at the cloudy skies and damn the weather gods. It’s up to you.

No good deed goes unrewarded and three kids in Texas have proven that. In February, they found a duffel bag in a field that contained $98,000 in cash. Showing themselves to be better than most adults, they turned the money in to the cops. And today they found out that because the cash had not been claimed, it is their’s to keep. They say that they are going to use the money for college, but I don’t know if that sentiment is going to last. Particularly if they have to drive past an electronics store on the way home. College. Video games. Tough call.

And finally, a note for all you travellers out there: if you’re going to be flying on any planes in the near future, it might be a good idea to take your pipe bomb out of your suitcase before trying to board the plane. Just a thought. What a dumbass.


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