Posted by: Jennifer | July 29, 2005

Now You’re Reaching

I’ve been in a bloody hurry to concoct that great new idea that will set the world on its edge and gain me the fame I so richly deserve. Because after 35, the chances you’ll do anything significant with your life – at least, significant to people you don’t know – are pretty slim.

So far it’s no going well. I’ve invented nothing new, really, and my disposable one-shot drink mix idea showed up in stores the day after I sent it to be patented. So much for that.

Wouldn’t it be great to be known as the inventor of the lightbulb? Or that you plugged some important holes in the theory of relativity? Or that you figured out the best way to make s’mores without burning yourself?

Something, no matter how insignificant would be nice. Gotta leave my mark somewhere. Hmm…

Here seems good.



  1. You’re more than welcome to leave your mark here 😀

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