Posted by: Jennifer | July 20, 2005

if this ever happens to me, you have my permission to lock me up

Contrary to my friends’ beliefs, I am no where near becoming the stereotypically cat lady. I apparently have a long way to go before I reach that level. I can’t understand the need to own that many animals. Shoes, maybe. But living creatures? I would think that to reach that level you would have to be suffering some sort of dementia to begin with.

I honestly think that the root of some of these “animal hoarder” problems can be traced back to the family of said hoarder. They should be doing a better job of taking care of their ageing relative, instead of letting them live on a farm with 488 cats who use their mother or father’s bed has a toilet.

Hell, even better — they should be trying to stop their parent from behaving this way instead of encouraging and assisting in the behaviour.


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