Posted by: Jennifer | July 20, 2005

a few of my favourite…words

What is your absolute favoruite word in the dictionary? Mine, as most of you know or have guessed by now, is superfluous. For starters, I love the way that it sounds. It just kind of flows out of your mouth with no effort. I also like the meaning of the word, though. It means “to have extra or too much”. It’s like it’s trying to be a negative word, but it’s too pretty to be a bad word. Also, I can think of quite a few things that society could use too much of.

The reason I went off on this tangent is because I found a site that has a lot of favourite words on it. Go through, take a peek and see if your favourite word is on the list. If not, you should go ahead and add it. Your favourite word could always become someone else’s.


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