Posted by: Jennifer | July 15, 2005

everything’s better on a friday

Some random news clips to keep you occupied:

A teenager in Ottawa is feeling the pinch in his wallet after being fined $926 for driving 195km per hour, more than twice the legal speed limit. His excuse? He had to go the bathroom. Yeah, I could have told him that his excuse wouldn’t work.

A motorcycle group in San Francisco is having some trouble laying claim to their name. The Dykes on Bikes have been rejected by the U.S. Patent Office because the office finds the word “dyke” to be disparaging and demeaning. So the dykes…aren’t allowed to call themselves dykes. I did think that an interesting point was made later in the article — why was Queer Eye for the Straight Guy allowed to copyright its name? Is “queer” not a disparaging and demeaning term for homosexual? Why is this any different?

It’s okay, kids. The scary guy throwing a temper tantrum in Starbucks is just the mayor. Close your eyes and it will all be over soon.

The American legal system scares the hell out of me sometimes.

There are two groups of individuals that you should never piss off: mass murderers, and rabid Harry Potter fans. Actually, I would take on the former in a dark alley any day for I go for the Potterites.


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