Posted by: Jennifer | July 14, 2005


Hockey is back.

After 301 days, over 80 bargaining sessions and over 1000 lost jobs, the owners and the players have reached a deal on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. And both sides lost.

That’s right — after losing an entire season of hockey, the two sides did exactly what the fans have been begging for them to do for months. They came to a compromise.

There is going to be a direct link between team revenue and team payroll, with the payroll not to exceed 54% of the teams’ revenue. While some people view this as the team owners simply wanting to horde more money, I think that this is an excellent thing. It is going to give teams in smaller markets like Edmonton or Ottawa or Phoenix the chance to survive. Because realistically, there’s no way that these teams could compete on the same level with big money teams like Detroit or New York. They may not make it, but now they have a shot.

There’s more stuff, but if you’re not a hockey fan it’s pretty boring to read. The bottom line is that hockey is going to be coming back. But will the fans?


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