Posted by: Jennifer | July 5, 2005

history for your pleasure

Let’s face it: the majority of us have one. After all, there are times when conventional stimulation just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. Women need to have vibrators to make…life easier.

But did you ever wonder what possessed someone to create one? I mean, was someone just sitting around at home one day, watching TV, when all of a sudden…? Slate has decided to answer your questions, by creating a rather interesting slide show on this history of the vibrator. Apparently, it was originally created in ancient Greece to treat hysterical women. Now, it’s used to make women hysterical.

I have to admit, I always love reading about things that were originally created to treat ill people and are now frowned upon by conservatives. Vibrators, heroin — the list goes on and on. So much for “the good old days”, huh, Rev Falwell?


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