Posted by: Jennifer | July 4, 2005

the language barrier

A new study shows what I’ve been saying for years: the majority of Canadians are annoyed by bilingualism.

I mean, I don’t think that the French population should be forced to give up their language. But I live in Nova Scotia. I was required to learn French while in high school, however because I do not use it I am rapidly losing my ability to speak it. I have never been in a situation where French was needed. But I’m constantly passed over for jobs with the government because bilingualism is a major requirement, even in places like Nova Scotia where French is not commonly used language. What’s the point in that? Who does that benefit?

If I felt that re-learning French would improve my ability to do my job, then I would absolutely go sign up for a course. But what is the point in spending time and money on a course to learn a language that I’m not going to need to use when my training is finished?


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