Posted by: Jennifer | June 24, 2005

the answers

Only two people with questions? I’m so disappointed in all of you. Well, not really, because that means less typing for me. Besides, I’m pretty much an open book, so I doubt there’s much that you guys don’t know about me by now LOL Anyway, here are your answers.

Oh, and thanks to David and Kirsi for playing along.

1. What is your favourite color?: I honestly don’t have one. My favourite color tends to change with my mood. I guess the color that I head towards the most is blue. The majority of the pages in my scrapbook are blue, and my favourite clothes are blue.

2. What season do you like the best?: Autumn. Definitely without a doubt autumn. The weather is just perfect, the colors are perfect, and my birthday is in autumn. Nothing can go wrong in during the fall.

3. What do you miss about the west coast?: This is a hard one. I would have to say that what I miss most is…the scenery. And I don’t just mean the mountains, although I do miss seeing the mountains out my window every morning. But I also mean just the way things look in general. Take the city streets, for example. Halifax has busy streets with boutiques and cafes and people rushing around. But it just doesn’t really seem the same as the streets of Vancouver. It’s almost like it’s a muted or abstract version. Similar, but never really the same.

4. What do you like about the east coast that you don’t get on the west coast?: The people. As much as I love the west coast, everyone tends to be wrapped up in their own lives. While there are definitely times when I wish for that, on the whole I would have to say that I love the attitude of the people out here. Everyone is friendly and open and not afraid to be around everyone else. There’s crime in Halifax, just like in every other city, but I’m not as afraid to go to the corner store after dark as I would be in Vancouver. And when you move in, there’s always someone there with cookies waiting to greet you. It’s more…I guess I would have to say personable out here.


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