Posted by: Jennifer | June 1, 2005

the truth revealed

There are some things that you never think that you’re going to see in your life. The true impact of global warming. Peace in the Middle East. The invention of a grocery bag that will not break with more than five cans in it. Concepts and ideas that just seem so…untouchable that there’s no possibility that it could ever really happen.

I always felt that way about the whole “Deep Throat” thing. It honestly never occured to me that the identity of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s Watergate source would ever be revealed. This was a secret that was going to die with all of the people who knew about it. And only four people in the world knew about it — Woodward and Bernstein, their editor and the source him- or herself.

Until yesterday.

Who would have ever thought that a disgrunted FBI agent could have the power to bring down an entire government? A lot of people — supporters of the Nixon government, mostly — are calling W. Mark Felt a traitor. They’re saying that his actions proved that he was not worthy of the job that he felt entitled to, the post of the head of the FBI. But I don’t see it that way. I see it as one man, knowing that the world around him was corrupt and that people were being betrayed, doing whatever he could to make sure that the truth could come out. Why did he do it the way that he did? Because he knew that if he stood on a podium in front of the White House and made these allegations, he would be laughed out of town. He need impartial volunteers to prove the facts that he knew, to show that what he knew was happening was actually happening. I think that we need more people like that in government.

In a perfect world, it would not have had to be played out the way that it was. Felt would have been able to do his job the way that he was supposed to and the truth would have come out on his own. But the world isn’t perfect and anyone waiting for that kind of perfection is going to be sitting here for a while. It’ll probably happen around the same time that we have peace in the Middle East and a new and improved grocery bag.


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