Posted by: Jennifer | May 6, 2005

how quickly the tables turn

A few days ago, everyone had sympathy for that guy that found the fingertip in his frozen custard. Today, the sympathy is pretty much gone. That’s because it has been revealed that he refused to give the finger back to it’s…owner, thereby making a reattachment of the digit impossible.

Clarence Stowers says that he didn’t want to let go of the finger because he didn’t want to lose his evidence. However, that also means that the guy that lost his finger, Brandon Fizer, now has a permanent injury. Stowers could have taken a picture of the finger, or had the surgeon doing the reattachment surgery sign an affidavit. But he also wanted to be able to parade the fingertip around to the media to make some more money off of all of this before he sues the store. I find it disgusting that he refused to help another human being because he wanted to try to squeeze more money out of an already tragic situation.

Personally, I think that Fizer should sue Stowers, for pain and suffering.


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