Posted by: Jennifer | May 5, 2005

raise your hand if you weren’t involved

After reading about Chuck Guite’s testimony at the sponsorship inquiry, I think it would be easier to compile a list of people who had nothing to do with the scandal, but the list of names that he gave as participants is just too long to repeat.

The country has been waiting for confirmation of Martin’s involvement in this mess and it came yesterday. Of course, the PM’s office has spent the day denying anything and everything, but I don’t think there’s anyone listening anymore. With that said, I still think that an election right now would be a bad idea. We need to know everything that happened and an election at this moment would be too much of a distraction. Besides, after listening to Guite talk about the money that was thrown into the toilet by this program, I’m not too eager to watch my leaders and potential leaders throw more money down the drain.


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