Posted by: Jennifer | May 5, 2005

calling a spade a club

Reg Alcock was not being a racist when he said that the Liberals would have looked for someone “a little higher up the gene pool” than MP Inky Mark when choosing someone to bribe. He was insulting Mark’s intelligence. Anyone with half a brain can see that. But Mark seems determined to prove Alcock’s point by turning this into a racial issue. And I find that to be disgusting and insensitive.

There are too many actual, honest-to-Goddess racist ideas to fight in society. To turn a comment around and make it racial simply to score political points is not only pathetic. It is also insulting to those who actually have been victims of racism. Get over yourself, MP Mark, and stop trying to play in the schoolyard. You’re a big kid now and the childish games have to stop.

On an additional but related note, I find it interesting that no one had anything to say about the comment until the next day when Mark declared that it was racist. From that point on, every Conservative in town was looking for a microphone to denounce Alcock and demand his resignation. If this was truly a racist comment, then where was this righteous indignation twenty-four hours ago when this first happened? It seems like it took the Conservative Party a day to decide that they were upset. I know I’m convinced of their sincerity.


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