Posted by: Jennifer | May 3, 2005

telling the tale…sixty years later

Imagine being a witness to the end of the one of the most influencial lives of this past century. A German woman, Erna Flegel, has come forward with her story of the final days of Adolf Hitler. She lived, along with Hitler and his wife, in their underground bunker while the Nazi regime collapsed around them and she is one of the only people to have witnessed his suicide and then survived to talk about it. But she hasn’t been talking — this is the first that’s she has spoken of it since it occured.

Many people have speculated as to what actually happened in those last hours before the Americans and Russians reached the bunker. Now we actually know. I think that, while it was probably hard for Flegel to come forward after all this time, it is an important tale to tell. If nothing else, it confirms that Hitler did actually die in that bunker and could not possibly be living in Argentina with Elvis like I read in the National Enquirer.


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