Posted by: Jennifer | April 21, 2005

safe and sound

The three of us are back at home, safe and sound and ready to get life back to normal. The trip to the vet’s went well. Shadow was negative for her leukemia test and both of them got their shots. It was the car ride that almost killed us — and them.

The trip down to the Valley on Monday night went well. Shadow and Babe put up a bit of a fuss, but they quickly quieted down and went to sleep. So imagine my surprise on the trip home on Wednesday when they just went nuts. We figured it would be an easy trip because Shadow was still really groggy from the drugs and Babe was milking his procedure for all that it was worth. Yeah, they were a lot more active than anticipated.

Babe chewed through the mesh on his travel bag, making it impossible to keep him in it. Shadow shoved her head through the opening on hers, even though it was actually closed at the time. The zipper is totalled and, once again, from that point on it was impossible to keep her locked up. I spent about an hour of the hour-and-a-half trip trying to corral the cats! Shadow kept wanting to jump around, but I didn’t want her pulling her stitches so I had to try and keep her still. And Babe insisted on exploring every inch of the car, including where my mother was sitting. So I had to keep him away from the driver’s seat. During all of this, the two of them were howling like they were being beaten. I swear to the Goddess, people were staring at us as we drove down the highway. I’ve never been so glad to get home in my life LOL

Nook was so happy to see his brother and sister. According to my neighbour, he was very well-behaved while we were gone, but she said that she could hear him crying at night. Yeah, never leaving him again. I couldn’t do it knowing that he was that upset. The three of them spent all night playing and cuddling and spending time together. It proved to be a noisy reunion, but I did my best to ignore it.

So now I’m supposed to keep two very young and very active cats from doing any sort of activity for the next eight days. Can you say “impossible”? Actually, Shadow’s doing good. She seems to know exactly what her limitations are and she’s doing her best to stay out of her brothers’ way and just chill. I apparently have to remove her stiches in eight days, which I am not looking forward to. But I can’t take her all the way back to the vet for that. Babe is running all over the bloody place. I figure, though, that if it was hurting him then he wouldn’t do it. So I think he’s going to be okay.

Oh my Goddess, it’s so good to be home.


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