Posted by: Jennifer | April 13, 2005

making sure it’s done right

I’ve always voted for the Liberal party in federal elections. In fact, up until this past year, I have been a dues-paying member of the party. But as more and more information comes out of the Gomery Inquiry about the use of public funds for private purposes, I’m finding myself rather disgusted with the people that I had a hand at putting into power.

Now, with that said, I think that the very worst thing that could happen to this country right now would be a June election. The Inquiry is not going to finish until December, and I don’t think that we should start election talk until it’s all over, for two reasons:

a) I want to make sure the Inquiry has a chance to do it’s job and find out once and for all who was responsible and the election of a new government could throw the investigation in a new direction. I’m not saying that this would be done on purpose, but it could be a consequence; and

b) If there is an election in June, how much media coverage is going to be given to the campaigns and how much will be given to the Inquiry? I think that, as a nation, our focus should be on learning the answers to all those questions and that will not be done if we’re listening to politicans wax poetic. We need to hear it from the people who committed the crimes, and their voices and explainations will be found on the back page of the paper if an election is called now.

I am hoping that the leaders of the Opposition parties will put the investigation ahead of any dreams of leadership that they may have. After all, it seems to be pretty much a given that the Liberals are leaving the seat of power, no matter when an election is held. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to do it when it is in the public’s best interest?


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